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leonard mccoy moments that made me fall in love with him

“Faërie contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants, or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, wine and bread, and ourselves, mortal men, when we are enchanted.” 

― J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories


Best line of the movie

Regina Spektor
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us // regina spektor

we’re living in a den of thieves
rummaging for answers in the pages
we’re living in a den of thieves
and it’s contagious

so i made a whole batch of star trek icons (200px), mostly tng and a few tos. feel free to use! (also requests are always welcome!!)





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Officers Callaghan and Braddock performed admirably in securing assigned areas and gathering key intel without any public displays of affection.

Officer Scarlatti’s skill with computers and other geeky toys was augmented today by a truly spectacular take-down of a dangerous subject.

Officer Young provided crucial back-up and insight into the psychology of yet another subject.

Officer Wordsworth, well, he’s just plain and simple the toughest SOB I have ever had the privilege to command. 

Officer Ed Lane, who, truth by told, has always been a bit of problem for Team One. Because when everybody’s struggling, he’s pushing through and when everyone’s lost he finds our way and when we falter he picks us up.

galaxies; a mix for those who want to escape the boundaries of earth, who want to explore infinity and distant lives.


Sailor V Game: 1992 // 2014

Andrew Bird
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Kup Teraz!
Kup Teraz!
Kup Teraz!
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Azuma Makoto sends flowers to space in his latest installation piece, Exobiotanica.


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